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Frequent complaints I hear from my patients include:

  • Crooked or poorly aligned teeth
  • Chipped front teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Discolouration such as white spots or brown areas/ stains. Even antibiotics can cause teeth to stain.
  • Teeth with poor shaping
  • Worn down or short teeth
  • Hidden teeth when smiling

One thing that differentiates Smile To Go to other clinics is that we offer ALL the options available to treat the problem.

Possible treatments will range from:

Teeth whitening
This treatment may be all that is necessary providing you have healthy aesthetic teeth to start with. There are two possible types of whitening both using a tray, take home system. Our results indicate chair whitening does not last long whereas take home systems allow future touch ups when required.

If the teeth are well shaped and have nice colour. These methods are faster than conventional braces and aligners.

Resin Bonding
Can manage all of the above problems. It is highly regarded by Dr Wong as it is low invasive, meaning he seldom has to cut teeth, so the patient has little or no pain. We are adding to the tooth rather than having to remove more tooth. It can be done in half a day and it is lower cost, than say porcelain veneers

Are pre-made resin veneers which are an alternative to porcelain veneers and resin bonding.

Porcelain veneers
The bench mark of Cosmetic Dentistry for the durability and excellent aesthtics, however the main disadvantage is the removal of a little tooth structure in the preparation process.

Only if there is substantial tooth loss will crowns be offered. Higher cost but good long term durability. Bear in mind, though a small probability, there is still an increased risk of nerves dying with crowns.

For further explanation of these and to see case studies visit the other areas on our website – Services and Smile Gallery