Teeth Whitening


Comfort 85%
Speed 85%
Affordability 90%
Durability 85%

If your teeth are near perfect but you not happy with the colour of your teeth, then you might consider teeth whitening.

The overall result can differ from person to person, depending on the initial state of your teeth. Generally, yellow teeth whiten better than grey teeth.

White spots cannot be improved with whitening and require removal. You will need a Dental examination to see if your teeth will suitably whiten.

At Smile To Go we offer to quick and simple methods.

  • Custom made tray system
  • Pre-made tray system

Option 1 is better than 2 as the trays fit better, and you can re-use these trays in the future for further touch ups. The pre-made trays are a single use only. The material to whiten teeth is already dispensed in the trays. However those who don’t like the impression taking process are better suited to using the pre-made trays.


There are several ways to whiten teeth, but they are all based mainly on peroxide. The peroxide works internally and not superficially. It goes through the enamel and dilutes the yellow pigmentation of the dentine. Home whitening system, I believe is the bench mark, as the process is gradual and more sustained, than say, single visit chair whitening procedures. It is now a very acceptable effective procedure of whitening teeth.


The Home System can be done on your terms, to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. You can whiten any time of the day.


Whitening has been shown to be safe and has been used for many years. The primary ingredient is Carbamide peroxide, which has been safely used to brighten the
smiles of millions of people worldwide.


You may experience sensitivity during the whitening process, however this goes away when the whitening process is completed. So the sensitivity may last 1-2 days and you may take analgesics to reduce the discomfort. I also recommend you use sensitivity toothpastes whilst you are whitening.


You may notice changes in a few days. Ideally the rays should be worn 1-2 hours per day. The duration of wear is 7-10 days. There are different concentrations of whitening gel available. Higher concentrations of peroxide means you may reduce the wear time, but there may be more noticeable sensitivity.


The results may be permanent or there may be a gradual reversal, however if required you can top up the whitening process for a few days after say 6 months – 1 year. You control when you want to do it as you can re-use the custom made trays.