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Master provider and speaker for Fastbraces®

In 2017 Dr Terry Wong reached Senior Master Status, meaning he has completed over 50 cases of Fastbraces. He presently lectures for Fastbraces in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. As of November 2017 he also became the first Australian Dentist to attain Turbo Certified, meaning he has completed the minimum of 5 Turbo Fastbrace cases within the 90-120 day period.

Faster results

Fastbraces treatment ranges from weeks to months, with results as fast as 100 days with the new Fastbraces Turbo system.

Less painful

Fastbraces technology has been tested and proven for over 25 years with thousands of successful clinical treatments and a proven safety track record.
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Fastbraces is up to 30% cheaper than traditional braces meaning you could save thousands of dollars on orthodontic treatments.

For all ages

Fastbraces is available in Standard Metal, Clear Ceramic or Turbo System. Each style is suitable for Children, Teens and Adults.

What is Fastbraces?

FASTBRACES is an innovative new technology which allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards the ideal position. Its technology is so effective that patients can achieve faster results (weeks and months instead of years) with less sensitivity.

They differ from traditional braces as they have a unique triangular design and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics by now allowing both general dentists and specialists orthodontists.

Traditional braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth towards its final position in the second year, thus requiring about two years of treatment.

Old Traditional

Used for decades

Often changes to natural bite

Extractions needed often
Multiple wires used

Typically 2 years

Typically high cost
Delayed root movement
Root resorption
Pain issues reported
Typically 24/7 retainers

New Technology

Used for over 20 years

Natural bite preserved

Almost always non-extraction
Just one-wire
Could be 20 weeks
Typically low cost
Immediate root movement
Less resorption statistically
Pain reduction statistically
Typically 15-20 min./day retainers