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One Visit Crown

Restore your teeth with revolutionary technology!

One visit crown

The most innovative and efficient procedure yet!
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Approved provider of one visit crown’s

As a One Visit Crown (OVC3) approved provider, Dr Terry Wong and the experienced team at Smile To Go are able to provide quality tooth restorations in a comfortable environment. With OVC3 you can get your crown done in just one visit simplifying the process of restoring your teeth.


Saves time

A crown normally takes weeks to make – from initial consultation to fitting. With One Visit Crown, it’s all done in a single visit!

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This new technology makes your treatment affordable, as we save time and money on not needing a mold or temporary crown.

A crown in one appointment

ONE VISIT CROWN is a new and innovative technology which allows us to restore teeth that have been worn excessively, are broken, have had large sections destroyed by tooth decay or for aesthetic purposes.

This revolutionary crown procedure encases the entire visible aspect of the tooth, a dental crown will in effect become the tooth’s new outer surface. Allowing you to walk out of our clinic with ceramic crowns that look exactly like your own teeth.

Crown restoration, protects a weak tooth from fracturing, restores a fractured tooth, covers a dental implant, covers a discoloured or poorly shaped tooth or covers a tooth that has had a root canal treatment.

They differ from traditional crown restoration treatments as they do not require molds to be sent to a dental lab, or temporary crowns created. Your treatment will take place in a single visit!

Dr Terry Wong is Australia’s official OVC Lecturer and Trainer.

How it works

One Visit Crown Case Studies

Disclaimer: One Visit Crown (OVC) May Not Be Suitable for Everyone and a Consultation Is Required to Assess Your Suitability.