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Dental OPG X-Ray



is a form of x-ray that provides a panoramic digital scan of teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. With this scan your dentist or orthodontist is able to see a complete single image of your dental profile and surrounding jaw bone structure.

OPG X-Rays are commonly used to identify:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocated Jaw
  • Teeth Structure
  • Infections
  • Planning of Surgical Treatment (such as implants)

How does it work?

The OPG machine works by having the x-ray tube rotate in a semi-circle around a patients head, starting on one side and finishing at the other. Film is not required to be placed inside the patient’s mouth – instead, a low dose of ionising radiation is beamed through the patient that is then captured in a special detector. The image is then stored electronically for your dentist/orthodontist to review.

Our dental team will ask you to stand or sit still during the process so that the image could be as clear as possible. The procedure will only take a few minutes.

What preparations are needed prior to the scan?

As the patient you do not need to do anything prior to the scan except remove any metal objects such as jewellery, eye glasses or watches. Our team may place a lead chest/shoulder pad or apron on you for protection.

Why should dental restoration be completed as soon as possible?

It is very important to not allow already-compromised teeth to decay further as this will negatively affect overall dental structure. This can then cause a number of unwanted side effects such as pain, teeth shifting, and jaw-bone resorption.

By speeding up the process into one same-day service, CEREC reduces the chances of these problems occurring.

Is it safe?

OPG is non-invasive and uses a very small does of radiation in a short burst of time. It is considered very safe and is a commonly-used piece of equipment in the medical and dental industry.

Let us know if you are pregnant or have other concerns.