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Introduction Smile To Go

We’re good buddies & we actually studied together and ended up setting the practice together. We’ve got a good team, we’ve got about 19 staff two oral health therapists about five dentists including ourselves.

– My oldest patient in fact has been with me since I was a third year dental student at the dental hospital. Terry has a lot of patients that have lived overseas and they still come back to Melbourne to see him.

The success of the practice has grown tremendously in three and a half years so I think it’s built on, more or less I think delivering loyalty and customer service to our patients.

– We’re not just zeroing in on a tooth, we tend to look at the whole person and looking at their health and the optimal dental package and not necessarily the most expensive treatment plan. It’s the most cost effective for the patients so we

– I think also, ya we tailor the treatment plans to the budget of the patient too. We’re always mindful of the costs because dentistry is perceived as being expensive and we try to break down treatment plans to suit their budget so patients appreciate it. Rather than giving them the thousands of dollars of a big treatment plan we structure what’s important, what’s relevant.

– We make ourselves available to our patients. They can interrupt us in a surgery. We’re available even after hours.