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Braces technology that is fast, safe and affordable.
Turbo Master | Senior Master Provider | Smile To Go
Fast Braces Blackburn | Smile To Go


Treatment ranges from weeks to months, with results as fast as 100 days with the new Fastbraces Turbo system.
Teeth Whitening Blackburn | Smile To Go


Smile To Go whitening has been shown to be safe and has been used for many years.
Smile Correction Blackburn | Smile To Go


If you have a problem about your smile, call us for an appointment.
Resin Bondin Blackburn | Smile To Go


Resin is simply the material that white fillings are made of, however over the last 20+ years Dr Terry Wong has perfected methods to cover unsightly teeth with resin to improve the smile.
Porcelain Veneers Blackburn | Smile To Go


Porcelain veneers are laboratory made thin, porcelain shells.


What our customers say about us

Kerri Weingartner
Kerri Weingartner
Terry is so highly skilled. Do not get braces before getting an opinion from Terry. I initially went elsewhere and unnecessarily extracted my child's teeth on bad advice. Terry now has to fix their mistakes. Terry has also done my veneers twice in the past two decades and other dentists always remark how great they look. When the other dentists find out Terry did them, they usually say, yes Terry is the best.
Avigail Halberg
Avigail Halberg
I was fortunate to find Terry Wong nearly three decades ago. I soon had onlays, whole day appointments to remove black fillings porcelain teeth etc. Terry has become well known for complex problem solving. I'm so glad he didn't become a hairdresser. Once when I lost a filling in India I began thinking of him nearly every day. It was a huge filling but no problem. One of the things I love is is wonderful manner. He is always polite humble and knowledgable. Because of him I have all my teeth bar one. I now see his offsider. Shaun is like a chip off the ol' block. Meticulous. Intelligent. And an excellent surgeon. I always leave deeply grateful and feel blessed to have had such expert care. You can't go wrong.
Corinne Horner
Corinne Horner
Their care, gentleness and expertise is second to none. Dr. Terry and all the team are amazing.
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur
I was struggling with crooked teeth all my life until I saw Dr Terry. He is a magician and did an excellent job of fixing my teeth when everyone else said it was impossible and I should go for veneers. I am so thankful to Dr Terry who patiently and thoroughly checked them and offered the treatment with fast braces. I would highly recommend😍
Jeanette Venkataya
Jeanette Venkataya
Has been our dentist for the last 20 years. Terry and his staff are always very polite ,very accommodating during emergencies and their charges are moderate for the level of expertise they provide.
Amelia Campitelli
Amelia Campitelli
Dr Terry was incredibly attentive and considerate in making sure all of my concerns and queries regarding teeth bonding had been addressed. Dr Terry’s work is absolutely impeccable and has been recognised by numerous others in the industry. I could not speak more highly of my experience here and the end result Dr Terry has given me. I highly recommend Dr Terry to anyone in need of dental work (as I have done so to several friends/family). Many thanks to Terry and his team
AJ King
AJ King
I have been coming here for years! Lovely staff and service! Dr Derrick has my smile sparkling white again. Could not be happier. Highly recommend! Very professional service.
Hasindu Saranguhewage
Hasindu Saranguhewage
I have been a patient of Dr. Terry Wong at Smile to Go for several years, relying on him for all my dental checkups and treatments. Among the various issues I've faced, a long-standing problem was a dark-colored front tooth, a consequence of an injury in my youth. Unlike other dentists whose solutions were complex and costly, Dr. Wong offered a treatment that was not only affordable but also remarkably effective. In just three simple visits, he restored the natural look of my front tooth. Dr. Wong's genuine care and tailored approach have always prioritised my well-being, proving him to be not just an expert dentist but someone who genuinly cares for his patients.
Brooke Hooper
Brooke Hooper
I underwent fast braces treatment with Terry and had an excellent experience. He guided me through each step, answering all questions i had. The process was seamless and concluded before I realised it. I highly recommend fast braces to anyone contemplating the treatment.
Had fast braces done by Dr Terry and am so happy with how they went! Everyone at the clinic was so lovely and I was always very well looked after. Highly recommend to anyone looking for dentistry or orthodontics!

Are you
concerned about…

Broken Tooth | Smile To Go

Broken Tooth

Generally quite obvious where the problem is, as the patient can detect a sharp area with the tongue. The affected area may or may not be sensitive to temperature.

Cosmetic Concern | Dentist Blackburn | Smile To Go

Cosmetic Concern

One thing that differentiates Smile To Go to other clinics is that we offer ALL the options available to treat the problem.

Jaw Discomfort | Smile To Go

Jaw Discomfort

Sometimes patients believe the pain they are experiencing is due to a tooth problem, when in reality it may be associated with muscle spasms of the face/jaw.

Toothache Concern | Dentist Blackburn | Smile To Go


There are various degrees of toothache. Obviously if the pain and suffering is mild or only occasional, you may not contact us immediately.


Smile To Go are a bunch of nice people who happen to know a lot about Dentistry. We care about people, our team and patients. We love to chit-chat, have fun at work, but we are serious about the quality of care we offer our patients.

Dr. Terry Wong Dentist | Repairing Teeth With Lifelike Fillings & Cosmetic Dentistry | Fastbraces Lecturer

Dr Terry Wong

Repairing teeth with Lifelike fillings & Cosmetic Dentistry. Fastbraces Lecturer

Dr. Hing Chin | General Dentist | Smile To Go

Dr Hing Chin

General Dentistry

Dr. Shaun Wang | General Dentist & Fastbraces Provider | Smile To Go

Dr Shaun Wang

General Dentist and Fastbraces Provider

Dr. Derrick Mac | General Dentist | Smile To Go

Dr Derrick Mac

Blackburn Orthodontics | Clinic Dental Blackburn Centre
Blackburn Dentist | Smile To Go

What Sets Us Apart
From The Others

Hing and Terry each bring 37 yrs of experience in Dentistry. “We have very similar practice styles, in that we are very much into total patient care. Take for example, either one of us would be willing to attend to a Dental emergency of our patients after hours.”

I would describe our style to be relaxed, caring and very much patient oriented. Highly ethical and very conscious of our patients’ needs. This dictates how we manage our patients… and you know what, many of the patients have become friends over the years.


Terry, is well known to his peers for his teaching engagements to Dental students and Dentists both locally and internationally. The programs he runs focuses on Clinical techniques with composite resin and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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We service Blackburn and surrounding suburbs which include but not limited to: Blackburn South, Blackburn North, Box Hill, Nunawading, Forest Hill and Surrey Hills.