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Comfort 90%
Speed 95%
Affordability 95%
Durability 75%

Componeers are pre-made thin resin veneers that were invented by a Swiss Dentist. They are a third option to resin bonding or porcelain veneers so they can be used to treat the same problems, such as chipped, short, crooked, discoloured teeth. As they are pre made, the Dentist can save some time in placing them over teeth as there is less adjustment time. They come in different sizes and two shades.


  1. The teeth require little or no cutting and is prepared for bonding by simply cleaning the surface, applying acid to etch, followed by the bond or glue.
  2. Once the correct size and colour of the componeers are chosen, a bond or glue is applied to the undersurface of the componeer.
  3. Resin is applied either to the tooth surface or the undersurface of the Componeer and then attached to the tooth surface. The componeer is then cured in place using the blue light.
  4. The componeer margins are then shaped and polished to ensure they fit flush with the tooth interface.


It is difficult to say, as the Componeers are a relatively new product worldwide and have only been in Australia for several years.

Dr. Wong has done over 100 cases and is extremely pleased with the material. He expects them to last 5-10 years.

Patients who have been treated with Componeers are expected to return annually to have them checked and re-polished.