3D Scanning

3D scanning with the CEREC Omniscan makes taking a digital impression of teeth not only easier, but with its panoramic ability, allows better comprehension of your entire dental structure, including surrounding bones and gingiva.

Unlike other dental scanners, using 3D scanning technology skips the step of having your teeth coated with powder to be able to scan, making the experience much more comfortable.


The 3D scanner takes a very accurate scan of the teeth profile and dental structure, and with its software, provides clear and natural imagery to help your dentist understand your dental needs a lot better. It can also grade your tooth’s exact colour and shade, so that the resulting crown, bridge, veneer or inlay matches the rest of your teeth.


With this technology, a scan would only take a few minutes, and patients will not require any prior coating or temporaries to get a high-quality image of their teeth, as well as the surrounding jaw structure.

Coupled with the use of the CEREC miller to create a model and shape a restoration specific to you, you could get a complete dental restoration done in 2 hours – a single appointment. For more information about dental restoration, head to our CEREC Technology page.